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Gianfranco Cuzziol is een international gevraagd spreker die veel kennis heeft over eCRM. Op het Emerce Connect congres deelde Gianfranco interessante informatie over het voorbereiden en inrichten van zo’n eCRM voor organisaties.

Een goed voorbeeld van Customer Expierence Marketing:

Reclame van Volkswagen

Is content the only king?

Other kings:

  • Data
  • Technology (do not use all tehnology just use the onces your customers are using)
  • Customer

Enkele uitspraken van Gianfranco;

 “Het tastbaar maken van een product of dienst in combinatie met digital is waar het omdraait in Customer Experience Marketing”

 “People & Organizations think to much in solutions instead of thinking about the base/ source”The world of CRM is changing

4 attitudes of change:

  • if you wait to long it will pass you by
  • it requires a different approach
  • no longer basis batch processing
  • controlled by the brand

The sales lifycle changes because of availability of information and technology. Therefore it is important to engage with customers when they’re most eager to hear from your organisation. Lifetime different moments of contact re-purchase is goal!

Online & offline customer behaviour

“fysical contact is still very important, 40% of people decide to buy in store” 

Therefore collect offline data (store) and express this online (website).

Key’s of a well working crm

  • valued
  • relevant

(some) CRM touch points

  • email
  • kiosk
  • bank
  • website

Everything we learn from CRM has to do with 7 p’s (product, price, people, process, place, promotion, people)

Some practical examples of organizations that know how to get in the customer mind:

  • Taxi company example Tokyo > qr code > direct taxi + sms
  • Centre parks > to many queing > count down > checklist
  •  QR- code als boarding device >KLM gives option
  • Rugby app > wake me up, set alarm later, stem van fvo ruby player

Let op: Een derde van alle apps slaat niet aan bij het publiek > Reden? Er is geen achterliggende gedachte, er ontbreekt toegevoegde waarde!

Google Analytics commercial > Over online shopping en alles wat mis kan gaan!

3 things to remember:

  • customers don’t think channel – they think brands
  • its all about the experience

Bekijk hieronder de volledige presentatie van Gianfranco Cuzziol


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